Dr. Cannon said: August 23rd, 2019
I was shocked when I received my initial Step 2CS score report – It was a CIS failure. I knew I  had to go to a Step 2CS review course, and Ximedus gave me the tools and strategies I needed to pass on my second attempt. I attended the 3-day course, and I was incredibly impressed with the knowledge that was imparted during my weekend of training. Dr. Rowley and trained SPs were always on site for intense instruction. Ximedus will give you the perfect techniques for introduction and closure with an SP, as well as strategies for dealing with crying, depressed, angry, and anxious SPs. A communications instructor will spend a morning discussing communication skills and common faux pas. The SPs also spend an entire evening training you how to do focused physical exams in a timed setting. This really helped bolster my confidence during my second Step 2CS exam. There is a diagnostic exam and an exit exam so that you can see your improvement over the course, and Dr. Rowley counsels you privately at the end of the course on your strengths and weaknesses. I highly recommend this course to anyone preparing for the Step 2CS exam!

Cullen Copeland, MD said: August 18th, 2019
I can honestly say that without Dr Mary Rowley and Ximedus, I would not have passed the CS exam. I am a 45-year-old male, international medical graduate, born and raised in the United States. The medical school I attended did not properly prepare me for Step 2 CS.  Over the course of medical school, I was continually praised over the way I saw patients and wrote clinical notes, so naturally I believed that I wouldn’t have a problem with this clinical examination.  I would not be writing this testimonial if that were true. Ximedus teaches their students the proper way to write a patient note. It was so essential that I attended Ximedus, Dr Rowley and the entire staff made it their mission to get me through this test. I cannot express in written or spoken words the thanks and appreciation I have for Dr Rowley, Tyler, Katie, Paul, Ms. Joe, Tanya and the entire staff. The format Dr Rowley teaches to write a proper patient note and the associated symptoms, related with the most common pathologies seen in CS are essential to pass this test. The SP's at Ximedus are on point and their feedback is paramount. I would highly recommend taking the 5-day workshop before you attempt the test the first time. The SP’s you will see on the real test date are trained to lead you in the wrong direction. Make no mistake this test is not easy, it’s not just a typing test, or a spoken English test. The Board of USMLE examiners have made it so the examinee must have all their clinical knowledge available for immediate recall and ready to go to work. Ten 10 minutes is a short time to come up with three differential diagnosis and do a focused physical examination. Dr Rowley will teach proper time management skills and how to reach the correct differential diagnosis. The workshop covers every aspect of the test. By doing Dr Rowley's method you are sure to pass the exam. Thank you immensely Dr Rowley and all the Ximedus staff. I will forever be in your debt.

Dr. Nogueira said: August 16th, 2019
As an IMG, Step 2CS made me very anxious, since most of my medical training was made in another language and I didn't have a lot of experience in a US clinical setting. I took the 5-day workshop at Ximedus and I can say that if it wasn't for it, I hardly would have passed. The whole team is extremely competent, the study material and mnemonics are excellent, they have a great group of SPs that can simulate a wide variety of cases so that when you go take the test, you'll hardly get a case that's too far off from what you've practiced. Beyond that, the feedback sessions with Dr. Rowley are a great way to know where and how you can improve. It is hard to overstate how big of a difference Ximedus made in my Step 2 CS preparation. I would definitely recommend it to anyone undertaking this test.

Dr. Anna F. said: August 1st, 2019     
I failed Step 2 CS ICE component twice, even I submitted all twelve notes during both attempts. I prepared both times for the exam the best I could. Unfortunately, it was not enough. Step 2 CS can be traumatizing event if you don’t know step by step what is expected from you.  I heard “millions” of advice from different sources what I should do to pass CS, and I was getting only more and more confused.  Eventually I was frustrated to the point I started to believe I will never pass CS, and I will never graduate from medical school because of this one exam. I decided to try my last chance, and I called Ximedus. I purchased the comprehensive 5-day course, but I didn’t have much hope until the moment Dr Rowley showed up and started to explain what CS is about. At that moment my eyes opened big, and my mouth was wide opened too.  The 5 days I spent at Ximedus in October 2018 were the most productive days I ever had studying for CS. I trusted I was getting superior, very strategic, and thoughtful advice, and I regained my hope to pass CS. Dr Rowley can plan with you literally every minute out of your 15 minutes encounter to guarantee you the top performance.
When I finished the 5-days course I finally felt I am ready for the CS for the last time.
I spent maybe 3-4 days on individual study, and I attempted CS for the third time in November 2018. I applied the strategy I learned at Ximedus, and in January 2019 I received passing score with ICE component far to the right!!! The only one thing I regret is I didn’t go to Ximedus before my first CS attempt!!! Unfortunately, my USMLE transcript does not look great with three attempts to Step 2 CS exam. I strongly recommend everyone – do not risk failure on CS, your confidence about being prepared for the exam can disappoint you. Dr Rowley instead will prepare you to achieve absolutely top performance!!! Strongly, strongly recommended. 
Forever grateful to Dr Rowley - deeply dedicated, absolutely professional, and very knowledgeable educator!!! Forever grateful to the Ximedus staff for all the help during, and after the course. It was unforgettable experience!

 Dr. Jamal Alafifi said: July 3rd, 2019

Ximedus has been instrumental for me in preparing for and passing Step 2 CS. For me this course provided the organizational framework that I needed to adequately be prepared.
The best part of the course in my opinion though was the personability of the course. Dr Rowley teaches every course and gives personal feedback on your performance and areas of improvement. She gets to know each student and will stop and thoroughly answer all your questions before moving on in the class.
Separately, the standardized patients are skilled actors by profession, but they also are good teachers and make sure that you have nailed down each of the specific physical exams which they teach one on one at stations. I really don’t think that I could have gotten the same experience at any other prep course.

 Dr. Thomaz Mostardeiro said: May 17th, 2019

The USMLE 2CS test is probably the most underestimated test I have ever done.  I walked in the test center during my first time confident I would be fine only reviewing widely available written materials. As a good test taker, I would never expect I had failed; so, when I received the feedback, I was just shocked. After a few months, I searched through the Web and the most reliable workshop was kindly located in a small town in an area that locals call the “retirement coast”. I just remember how tired and anxious I was after arriving from an 11h flight to Miami plus a 3h drive to Port Charlotte straight to begin the workshop. What I can say now is: the 5-day workshop was an amazing experience that far exceeded my expectations. I could not expect anything more professional for the CS exam than Ximedus and, surprisingly, it feels at the same time as you are in a big family. When I walked again in the test center a week later, I just felt so familiar with the environment and challenges that were proposed during the exam that it sounded like a soft version of Ximedus’ workshop.  In Ximedus, they train you to be perfect test takers, so Ximedus’ thresholds give you confidence that you are doing the right stuff. I passed and finally I am on my way to be a resident physician! I would like to say huge thanks to Dr. Rowley and her team.

Dr. Eglantina Izar said: May 14th, 2019

A lot of people say that the Step 2 CS test is the easiest one, and that just with a few weeks of practicing cases will be enough. In my experience, this exam has been the most stressful and I am sure that for other doctors too. For those with little experience in the American medical field, Ximedus workshop is the best resource to achieve a good performance in this test. Most of the time is not about medical knowledge, it is about mastering the rules of the exam, practicing with standardized patients and getting used to an organized way in order to demonstrate that you are a doctor already. There is no time for improvisation during the test day. Dr. Rowley and her team gave me the best tutoring, identified my weaknesses and provided me with the resources to succeed.  I definitely had a great experience and I will always be thankful with Ximedus.

Dr. Patrick Mercho said: May 5th, 2019

Ximedus is without question the BEST course available for medical students seeking help with Step 2 CS preparation. I worked with Dr. Rowley and her staff for 2 months before I took my exam and I can honestly say this was one of the best decisions I ever made throughout my medical career. The staff is so caring and so helpful. You are not just another number when you sign up for this course. I was looking for individualized attention and they made sure they gave it to me every step of the way. The way Dr. Rowley has structured her course is unlike any other available currently. I know this because I took TWO other courses before I found out this one existed. Dr. Rowley and her staff are putting out a Step 2 CS product unlike any other course available PERIOD. Dr. Rowley understands what the examiners want out of you for Step 2 CS and she will never send you to the testing center until she knows you are actually giving them what they want in order to give you a passing score. I cannot imagine where I would be had I not found Ximedus. Thank you for what you do and what I know you will continue to do for years to come! 

Priscilla Merli Palomar, MD said: May 2nd, 2019

There is a reason why Ximedus is so highly recommended by everyone. I learned so much in just 5 days, it completely changed my plan of attack for Step 2 CS and it changed how I deal with patients in real medical practice. Dr Rowley is amazing, and she has such a great knowledge about the exam. Katie is so nice and ready to help. All the actors are not just SPs, they are great teachers with unbelievable patience! I came to the exam knowing what to expect and with a good strategy. I am very happy I took the course and I am glad I passed the CS in my first attempt.

Dr. Gabriel Aleixo said: April 29th, 2019
Why Ximedus ? I am a recent grad from Brazil. On step 1 and 2 ck I was very confident and got good scores, but when time to study for step 2 CS came insecurity came with it ! The test looks like very confuse for IMGs. I saw many friends failing, all of it made me very dubious about my future. I heard about Ximedus through friends and Brazilian USMLE Facebook page and 100% of them had good experiences, so I invested time money and HOPE on Dr. Rowley and her team, and I am very glad I did it. I remember the first day, I was very scared because my typing skills are poor and I had no idea how this test was scaled, with hard work and the support from the Ximedus team my confidence level has risen and on the test day I was confident and I had a good time. I passed with a good score. My advice:  do not waste your time ! A fail on CS is a big red flag on your application and the Ximedus team is very professional and they are engaged on your success, their support is not limited to the course days, they become friend with you and care about your success!!! Finally, I am really thankful to Dr. Rowley and everybody at Ximedus for making my CS victory possible. God Bless you all!!

Dr. Giulia Lima said: April 29th, 2019

As an international medical student, I was really nervous about the CS. Failing this exam would be an awful red flag in my application. I arrived at Ximedus without studying a single thing for the test. Besides, I still hadn't taken CK, so my clinical knowledge wasn't fresh. My grades in the first practice test on the first day of the course were really bad, I thought I wouldn't make it. Five days later, the magic just happens. It is absolutely amazing what those people manage to do during the course. Dr. Rowley and the rest of the team are fully committed to your learning and they really make sure to address your weaknesses and optimize your strengths. I passed the test with flying colors and I will be forever grateful for Ximedus for helping me get there.

Dr. Rasendrakumar said: April 26th, 2019

I want to thank Dr. Rowley and everyone at Ximedus for helping me pass Step 2 CS on my first attempt!! I had a wonderful experience on site, and most importantly learnt so much in preparation for the exam. The course gave me the confidence I needed as well as helped me in areas I was the weakest in. I completely recommend this course!!!

Dr. Al-Shehri said: March 20th, 2019

I will never forget the experience in my life, when I got my CS score report and I didn’t pass. I was devastated by the result, and I had to take the exam again as soon as possible. I went looking on the internet for the best courses, and I saw an add for Ximedus. I registered for the 5-day course with an emphasis on English proficiency. Dr. Rowley and her team were so great. What I liked about the course is how Dr. Rowley analyzes your weaknesses and strengths on the first day. She came to me the first day and said your English is good, you’ll be refunded for the extra money you paid. They did multiple simulated examinations at the beginning and at the end of the course and Dr. Rowley will sit with you and will let you know what you have to do in order to pass your exam. I’ll be honest, before I attended the course, I was a bit skeptical about the things I read on the course website and other forums. But after attending the course and passing my CS exam, I can say that this is the only course you will need!!!!

Dr. Peter Stawinski said: March 16th, 2019
Thank you so much for all your help and guidance for the Step 2 CS! You are a great teacher and a true professional, it has always stood out to me how you wholeheartedly strive to help students achieve their highest potential! I am happy to announce that all the hard work has paid off and yesterday I received the news that I will be starting my journey as an internal medicine resident at the University of Miami / JFK Palm Beach program, my top choice! I will be joining my wife there who is a first year in the program. I am super excited and will always be grateful for all your efforts.

Melissa IMG from Colombia said: February 18th, 2019
I did the 3-day intensive workshop on November 2018 and I took my CS exam on December! I PASS on my first attempt! Dr Rowley is an amazing professional and excellent teacher! I recommend to everybody this course! Amazing experience ! Thank you once again to all Ximedus team!!

Dr. Almeida said: February 5th, 2019
I would like to thank all Ximedus team and  Dr. Rowley for everything that I learn during the workshop. I arrived there knowing absolutely nothing about the CS and Ximedus teach me greatly about the test, how to talk to SP and especially how to do the patient notes. Thank you so much!  But you should take some time to study and practice after the workshop and before the test day, especially if is the first time that you are taking contact with the test. Thank you so much!

Boris Rosin, MD, PhD said: February 2nd, 2019
I am an IMG practicing Ophthalmology now close to 7 years, Needless to say, my GP-skills have somewhat lessened while I essentially was not practicing general medicine for that period of time. When I started planning my fellowship training, I realized that not completing my USMLE’s on time (i.e. during or immediately after Med. School) was a huge mistake and I decided to resume taking the exams. Dr. Rowley and her team were invaluable in this effort, and I seriously doubt I would have been able to achieve my goals without their help. The course (I took the full 5-day course) is well structured and organized, while being flexible enough to focus on the weaknesses of each pupil. The encounters are highly realistic and representative of the encounters during the test. And finally, the support from the entire Ximedus team is nothing short of amazing and it was a true pleasure to work with people so committed to the task of helping doctors, both foreign and US graduates, in dealing with this exam. I would like to thank the Ximedus team from the bottom of my heart and recommend this course to anyone attempting the exam.

Dr. Wu said: February 2nd, 2019

I took the 3-day course. Dr. Rowley and staff REALLY KNOWS THEIR STUFF. It was like one of those original home restaurants where great, authentic food are served by real family members with true enthusiasm before the whole marketing and chain expansion business ruins everything. I was able to utilize many things learnt during the course at my actual exam. I had been really concerned about my PE performance and it was indeed properly trained in an efficiency fashion during course. Too be fair I wish I had not spent so much time learning by First Aid but coming to this course earlier and it would have made everything so much more efficient and precise. And the whole learning experience was delivered in a very caring, thoughtful and professional manner. I’ve heard other students talking about their CS courses elsewhere, and I must reckon that this is by far the best!

Dr. Chen Zhou said: February 4th, 2019

I really am not able to find words to express my appreciation to Ximedus workshop. This is such a great and amazing workshop. Dr. Rowley and her staff are always nice and helpful. Is Ximedus 100% guarantee for passing the exam? Unfortunately, no. You still need to practice with partners after the workshop. However, I must admit that, I would not have been able to pass the CS exam if I hadn’t attended this 5-day workshop. I’m an international medical student who had no idea about the CS exam when I took the workshop in August 2018. I also had no experience of working in the clinic in US. At Ximedus, I learnt how everything about the exam, like writing patient notes, how to perform history, interview and closing. Moreover, Ximedus teaches the best physical exam skills. I’d like to recommend this workshop to the future examinees, especially international medical students.

Dr. Guntupalli said: January 26th, 2019
I am an IMG from India. I completed my Step 2CK by the time I took Step 2 CS. I was shattered with the news of my failure in CS exam. I was hopeless initially but after some time as my thoughts got better and having a research opportunity at hand, i decided to give my step 2CS exam again. Then i was in a dilemma whether to go to the same coaching center that i went for my first attempt or whether to take coaching in a different one. After putting adequate thought into it and from my experience i know that it does not take too long to study for CS so i decided to go to different coaching center even if had to learn new ways thus i will not miss anything if there is something new i have to learn which could be critical to pass. Thus, i made a decision to go to Ximidus. I already have my brother, sister in law and other relative who had their coaching in Ximidus and passed the test with flying colors. Thus, i took coaching in Ximidus. After coaching in Ximidus i realized that if i had not gone to Ximidus i might have missed a lot. The experiences in Ximidus are those which i will cherish all my life. Dr. Rowley who is the head of the center is exceptionally well in what she does. I haven’t seen any teacher in my life who is so talented. Every aspect of her starting from how she communicates, how she manages people around her, how she teaches, content of the course is very important in life. She has a big inventory of teaching techniques which she uses to teach us and if required tailors the course according to the individual needs(She made me practice patient notes (as i was weak) whole day although i didn’t pay for it).

Things i noticed in Ximidus while being trained under Dr. Rowley :

   1)Dr. Rowley addressed all the major conflicts in my mind leading to almost no conflicts before exam.

   2)Dr. Rowley spent time to speak personally.

   3)Dr. Rowley’s training led to sense of happiness and confidence.

   4)She has good understanding about the test. 

   5)******She has deeper understanding about the scoring system.(Her way of assessing our weak areas and strong areas in the form of score is extremely helpful and good thing is that she sits beside you and tells you where we need to focus and improve thus optimizing our performance to get better)******.

   6)Her behavior was excellent.

   7)Her training led to nurturing our existing abilities which could be strengths in the exam in doing well and also we not need not get stressed too much while preparing, as we need not try to fit into some other style(of asking questions, showing empathy etc)).

   8)High quality Standard Patients who work full time(some are very high profile). They are very professional and friendly.

   9)Tailored to individual needs.

As Dr Rowley has deeper understanding about the test(CS) she was not rigid on somethings and was flexible especially with the way different personalities of physicians approaching a case in their own unique way but still hitting the right things to be done in the test. Dr Rowley is a kind a person who doesn’t hesitate to go an extra mile to lend a helping hand to her students. Even if it is not close to Houston test center, for me it is definitely worth it go all the way to Florida to get coaching. So, don’t think about distance. Most important thing is to pass the exam. My strong recommendation to anyone who joins in Ximidus, take 5-day workshop rather than 3-day workshop. Larger weapons in her arsenal to pass CS starts on Day 4. Especially the content she teaches regarding the components of physical examination we need to cover is something i never heard anywhere. She teaches conceptually which is important to dynamically adopt to the changing clinical scenarios in CS exam. 

Dr. Andrea Sisti said: January 9th, 2019
I graduated in a foreign country and didn’t know all how to do an encounter with a patient in the USA Health System. We could say that I started from zero and in only 5 days, Dr. Rowley and all the Ximedus staff made me able to face the Step 2 CS Exam without any fear. The course is amazing. They teach you in a practical way on how to approach the patient and how to perform a physical examination!! It is of paramount importance especially for us IMG’s!! I suggest every IMG to take this course. It is really worth it!!! I want to thank you Dr. Rowley and all the Ximedus Staff for their help. It was life changing for me!!!!

Dr. A M Cheng said: January 3rd, 2019
I passed my CS and it was ximedus which make it possible! Going through different patient encounters with practicing communication skills and performing proper physical exam were a positive experience from the moment I started. I recommend Ximedus to anyone planning to take CS exam!

Dr. Sharahil said: November 10th, 2018
Simply put, best course for step 2 CS! I passed my step 2 CS only after taking the course at Ximedus, thanks to Dr. Rowley and her great team. I had previous attempts that were unsuccessful & have tried other courses for preparation, but none were even anywhere close to the level Dr. Rowley and the team provide. As an IMG and a practicing pediatrician, this was the perfect course. I highly recommend the 5-day course & be assured you will receive personalized feedback to improve your skills.

Dr. Correia said: November 9th, 2019
I took the 5-day Comprehensive Workshop at Ximedus. It was the best decision I could have made! Dr. Rowley is an incredible teacher! She understands the Step 2 CS like no one else, and she is fantastic at analyzing a student's performance, in order to let them know whether they are ready for the exam or not. The Ximedus team is remarkable! Everyone is working as hard as they can to help students achieve their goals! Coming from Brazil, the Step 2 CS was quite scary to me. However, after the workshop, and studying following Dr. Rowley's instructions, I felt really confident to take the exam. I took it in Philadelphia, and I passed on my first attempt! There's no doubt that Ximedus is the place to go if you need to prepare for this test! They will help you study, become more confident, and reduce your anxiety. If they say you are ready for the exam, rest assured that you are!

Dr. Serita Barnard said: November 6th, 2018
I would like to encourage all doctors preparing for the USMLE CS to use the resources provided by Ximedus, Inc. I found it difficult to pass the CS. The patient consultations required a special approach that I was not familiar with, but thanks to this service, I was well equipped to approach the exams and have now passed all the USMLE exams and applied for a fellowship in the US in congenital cardiac surgery. Ximedus provided me with all the information, training, guidance and feedback in a very professional and well-structured manner. I found the staff very friendly, kind and supportive. I have no reservations in recommending this excellent service.

Dr. Saul said: November 4th, 2018

I’m an IMG from Brazil recently graduated  and Ximedus was just the perfect fit for my CS preparation. I have heard about the course from fellow applicants that have succeeded and went online to find more about it. Since the begging Katie and Tanya were just amazing in securing me a suitable schedule date and arrange everything for the stay in Port Charlotte ( By the way a pleasurable city to visit!). I decided to do the 5-day course, in which Dr. Rowley herself teaches the small ( around 12 people ) and diverse group of students ( amazing people from China, Venezuela, Brazil, Portugal, India, USA and others) a very practicable approach to the CS cases and theory.  There you’ll learn everything from presenting yourself to the patient, taking history in a directed and organized fashion, performing the physical exam correctly and in fast paced and finally being able to close and write your notes on time! With absolute certainty, yes, Dr. Rowley is the best teacher and is there for every student, making it a very personalized approach so that you nail the test! Furthermore, all the staff and actors work full force for your success. The infrastructure of the course counts with rooms that mimic exactly the real deal and not to mention the SP abilities in simulating a real encounter! You’ll participate in a mock that will prepare you for the real deal and you can also count with individual classes with the SPs to strengthen your weaknesses and prepare for success! I can’t be prouder to have chosen Ximedus for my preparation for CS and looking back I don’t see any other better option! The secret to nail this test is hard work, focus, training and Ximedus. My best wishes on your future endeavors. 

Dr. Sandhu said: October 13th, 2018

I had a wonderful time at Ximedus , not only i discovered how the exam is structured but also how to handle difficult situations. I had a lot of practice of some of the very common thing that i could have very easily forgotten in the exam. Step 2 CS is a race against time that starts a lot earlier than the exam do and Ximedus prepared me for it . From a proper introduction to managing time and appropriate physical examination for the specific case are very well taught in such a short course. I had a lot of practice with the SP's. Interacting and preparing with fellow students certainly boosted my confidence. I would recommend Ximedus to everyone who is preparing for Step 2 CS exam . Ximedus is certainly a step in the right direction.

Dr. J. Atahar said: October 11th, 2019

As an international medical graduate, I did not feel very well prepared for the CS exam due to not having any exposure to practical exams in an American setting. I was very nervous and anxious and realized I needed additional preparation for the exam. I enrolled in a 5-day comprehensive course at Ximedus on a friend’s recommendation. I was impressed with Ximedus’ way of tackling individual weaknesses and providing students with lots of detailed material on the topics needed to pass and score well. They increased my understanding of how the exam was graded, identified areas of strengths and needing further improvements, and set up practice exams which were very similar to the real exams. Ximedus’ friendly staff, including all the teachers, worked very hard to make me comfortable with the clinical setting, physical examinations, and writing patient notes. Following the workshop, I knew how to assess myself, which areas would require further work, and how to allocate my time before the exam. During the exam day, although I was very nervous, I felt much better prepared than if I were studying on my own. I confidently walked out of the exam with a feeling of relief as I was happy with my performance. I received my results a few weeks later and confirmed my earlier feeling - I passed! I highly recommend Ximedus to anyone willing to work hard but struggling to understand how to best prepare for their CS exam.

Dr. Dapeng Wang said: August 23rd, 2018
I took the 5-day CS course in May 2018 and I really learned a lot.  As an IMG, I feel CS is so challenging to me. I took 2 times mock test during the course. Not surprised, I failed each time although I’m improving. Dr. Rowley gave me a detailed feedback. I went back and studied for another 2 weeks. Since I live in FL, I came back and took the 3rd mock CS test.  Unfortunately, I failed again. Dr. Rowley pointed out that I need to spend more time on ICE and SEP. She also suggested me to delay my CS appointment (Middle of June) and choose LOS instead of Atlanta. I struggled for a few days because I would not delay CS test. You know it is extremely difficult to book a CS time slot at that time.  Finally, I decided I cannot  take risk and rescheduled it to LOS. I ordered language training from Ximedus and practiced around 20 cases with Mr. Gene. I feel much better after that. Then, I practiced myself for another month and  took the test on 14th July. I passed. The score report showed the same trend as what I got from the mock CS test at Ximedus. ICE is on the borderline. SEP is just right to the borderline and CIS is the best. What I want to tell you is Dr. Rowley is an experienced instructor. If you are an IMG, don’t take a risk to study by yourself. You need help from Ximedus. You won’t be wrong to follow Dr. Rowley's advice. And their mock test is very accurate and can indicate your performance in your real test. Good luck!

Dr. X. Xu said: August 16th, 2018
Before I went to Ximedus, I spent 5 months preparing for my CS test by reading books and practicing with family members and study partners. I studied and practiced more than 8 hours every day, 7 days a week, but became more and more frustrated and desperate. I thought it was an impossible mission for me and maybe I has to spend more than one year to get ready for the exam. But Ximedus changed everything. Dr. Rowley and her team built my confidence up in just 5 days. Not only my confidence for the CS test, but also my confidence to be a good Pediatrician in America. I passed my CS test after 6 weeks practicing and following Dr. Rowley’s guidance. I encourage all my friends and alumni to go to Ximedus as soon as possible. I tell everyone that is studying and practicing without Dr. Rowley’s guidance is just wasting their time. And there is no need to take other courses or use other tutors for your English. Dr. Rowley’s team (Ms. Janet and Ms. Jo) are so experienced and effective to help IMG’s with English concerns.

Dr. Oleksandra Los said: August 16th, 2018

It is a pleasure to write these words of appreciation to Ximedus team. It`s worth noting that each person from this team was extremely helpful, kind, patient and dedicated towards the success of their students. If you want to pass STEP 2 cs with confidence, as I did, Ximedus - is a place which you should choose.

Dr. Z. Yuan said: August 16th, 2018
CS is for sure the most stressful USMLE exam for IMGs and thanks for Ximedus, I finally passed! I was so surprised that there were so many mistakes in FA, which were so widely used among us preparing for CS. And they also taught us how to efficiently perform physical exam, and for me, 5-day-course was enough, and I don’t need spend any more time practicing physical exam. I also feel it was very helpful to know how SPs score us. By knowing that, you will get more confident and will save more time while we all know that time is so invaluable in CS exam. Dr. Rowley is very nice and professional, and she gave me lots of encouragements. All the staffs and SPs there are very friendly and nice, I did enjoy a wonderful time there!

Dr. Serrano said: July 30th, 2018
Why I am writing this testimonial? I know how difficult is not passing this test even after great deal of effort and financial investment. It would be great if I knew about Ximedus before taking this test the first time. I would save several thousand dollars on test retakes, travel and hotel. I arrive at Ximedus with literally one last chance to Pass Step 2 CS. I never had problems with any standardized test, but the truth is this one is different. Every time I received a Step 2 CS test report I knew where I was failing in terms of one of the three major categories. However, because they do not include more details the typical question, I made myself was: What I am doing wrong? What I have to do to pass this test? What they want from me? After each one of the fail reports I kept studying harder with the commonly used books and what friends told me they did to pass, and I keep failing. When I was told that this was my last chance, I decided that I was going to use a specialized review which I never did mainly because of budget issues and also because some friends took other specialized reviews in the past and also failed. Then, a job partner told me about Ximedus and the great experience that he and others had with them. I knew that if he recommended Ximedus it was really special because he rarely recommended anything unless is really great. I went to Ximedus and I pass the test with solid scores. How I went from failing several times with virtually no improvement between reports to pass with really good scores? Before I arrive Ximedus I kept saying to myself: ‘’This test has no meaning, this is a nonsense test.’’ Then I realized that It was of no help keep thinking like this and that the most effective and honest way to approach this Step was to identify and work with my deficiencies and to learn and practice skills needed to pass this test. It was a very important milestone for me to finally see why the board wants you to demonstrate this skills and knowledge and in the same time communicating in a way that there is no misunderstanding between Patient and clinician. At Ximedus everyone really knows what they are doing. You can tell this since the first call. They are excellent and specialized professionals. Everyone has great commitment with your goal. Evaluation and feedback are personalized and honest. On the last day of training at Ximedus Dr. Rowley made her final diagnosis about my performance and made her recommendations. Recommendations are made based on her experience but also on objective numbers (grades) evaluating encounters and Patient Notes. They even track your keyboard writing speed if they identify this is an issue on your performance. When I took the test after being at Ximedus I felt well prepared and self-confident. I was able to have a realistic notion of how I was doing case by case on the test. This was based in knowledge, method and practice received at Ximedus (present and online). Because I knew what they were expecting from me I was even able to compensate case by case in areas I knew I needed more points to be successful. There is no ‘’magic’’ or unrealistic promises, this training is honest, professional, serious, objective and personalized by really dedicated and specialized educators based on published standards by the USMLE. Feedback is objective and accurate. I know that my writing is short to fully transmit the amount of gratitude and admiration I feel toward Dr. Rowley and all the great professionals at Ximedus. All of them really went beyond my expectations and they really did for me far, far more than I expected and for what I paid for. They are great human being that really helped me to save my career. I will always remember all of them. I will recommend Ximedus to everyone before taking (Preferably) or repeating Step 2 CS.

Dr. Luis Razzeto said: July 12th, 2018
I am an IMG with an intermediate level of English. When I began studying for the Step 2 CS, my friends who had already taken the exam told me it was an easy test that did not require a lot of studying. I began studying on my own for a few weeks and then I went to Ximedus, which was recommended by one of my friends. The first day of the course, I noticed I had a lot of trouble formulating questions, as well as with the clinical exam, clinical history, and many other things due to the multiple deficiencies in my English ability.  It was very frustrating. In the 5 days of the course, I began improving all the aforementioned areas, and got better at taking patient histories and being empathetic. I still felt I had a great deal left to improve and I still was not ready. On the last day of the course, Dr. Rowley was very sincere with me and told me I still had a lot of work to do in different areas. That’s how I ended up studying in Ximedus for 3 months. In those three months, my English level improved drastically as did my ability to formulate questions, my clinical exams, my empathy, and the elaboration of patient’s clinical histories. I was able to practice with different SPs such as Paul, Gene, Joe, Dion, Chris, and Tyler. All of them helped me improve considerably in different areas and gave me tips that were very helpful the day of the exam. I was also able to improve my English level and pronunciation with Ms. Jo and Ms. Janet. They assisted me with the words I had trouble pronouncing or had any difficulties with. Whenever I needed something, Katie, Tanya, Michele, and Sadie were always willing to help me. They were very kind and cordial. I took my last practice exam one week before my actual test date. I spoke with Dr. Rowley once again, and she said, “Now you are ready, you can take the exam. ”The day of the exam, I did not have any difficulty expressing myself with any patient. I knew exactly what to ask, what physical exam to perform on the patient, how to finalize the interview and how to write up their clinical history. Two and a half months later, I received my test results. In three areas, I received a “higher performance” grade. I would like to especially like to thank Dr. Mary Rowley for always being sincere with me, for being an excellent doctor, an excellent teacher, for being aware of my limitations and helping me work through them, and above all for being an excellent person. It is truly a privilege to have met her. Similarly, I would like to thank the entire staff at Ximedus. They were always very attentive and willing to help me , creating a perfect environment to be able to successfully study and learn in the best way possible.

Dr. Melina Saavedra said: July 7th, 2018
I am from Argentina and I attended a 5 Day Workshop. This examination was very challenging for me because English is not my native language. I think that the Workshop was the key to passing the exam. I took my CS 10 days after finishing the Workshop. Dr. Rowley and her team were very kind and taught me a lot. They are very committed with the students and I appreciated that Dr. Rowley highlighted my best skills and advised me to work more on my weaknesses. I just want to say thank you very much!!!! I strongly recommend their Workshop!!!

Dr. C. Craig said: June 28th, 2018
As I was getting ready to start preparing for the Step 2 CS, I asked around about what course I could take to have the best possible preparation. A friend that had passed the CS told me about Ximedus, and I knew after that conversation, that Florida was my next destination. When I called, they not only met me with all my needs, like changing some dates for me to be able to take the whole Workshop, giving me a place and time to breastfeed my twins, etc. But also made me feel like I was not one more face, but someone they were committed to help to face the exam. The days there were long and full of information. At the end, Dr. Rowley sat down with me and spoke about my weaknesses and how to overcome all of them one by one. I came back home, and I knew I was not alone in this journey. They were there for me, at one email of a distance, a phone call or even skype. Yes, they have all those services. I got cases every week to practice my notes, tutoring hours over Skype that boosted my confidence as the day of my exam was getting closer, and got some last-minute recommendations. On the day of the exam, I was very nervous. I opened the envelope from Ximedus and read through an article that took my mind away from all my insecurities for a while. Once I walked into each of the 12 rooms, I knew I had all the tools in me, and I just needed to focus on what the SP was saying and be myself. At the end of every interview, I was not terrified, doubting if I did well or not, or thinking about what I should have said or did. I was not only ok, but I was ready to face the next case; and the day went by quickly. After 2 ½ months, I got my score today, and I can only say thank you to each and every one of the Ximedus staff. I couldn’t have done it without you all; but also tell everyone who is searching for a course to prepare the CS. Go to Ximedus, they do have your back all the way!!!

Dr. Chamul-Charles said: June 27th, 2018
Taking Ximedus course was a good decision. It provided me with a  test taking strategy, it organized the knowledge in my head in a way that it would be easier to use during the exam, also it help me to understand which parts of the exam were of the most importance and how to accomplished the goal in each one of them in order to pass. Everybody at the center was very helpful, and the simulations were similar to real test day, with useful feedback. They also help me finding a live study partner  which was very important to improve my performance. Thank you!!

Dr. Suhani Goyal said: June 25th, 2018
I cannot say enough good things about the Ximedus Program. I took the STEP 2 CS exam while I was only halfway through my 3rd year in medical school and I would not have been able to do it had I not taken the workshop. One of the best things about this program is that you are able to get individualized feedback which is key in preparation for any board exam. Dr. Rowley gives you tips on little things you can change that end up having a substantial impact on your performance. Additionally, study for STEP 2 CS is a little difficult since we do not have practice exams, we can take online to gauge our performance and that is where Ximedus comes into play. Starting off with the diagnostic exam and then the full exam simulation just 2 days later gives you an idea of what the actual day of the exam will be like. Everything done during the practice exams at Ximedus is exactly like the actual test center, thus the day I went to go take my exam, I walked in feeling very comfortable. It is often suggested that STEP 2 CS is a relatively "easy" board exam, but I would beg to differ. It requires a good deal of practice and you need to make sure you hit all the points in the encounters to maximize your score. Dr. Rowley teaches you how to determine what is important to do in each encounter and having those skills makes you prepared for whatever chief complaint you are presented with on test day. Finally, all the individuals that are a part of the Ximedus team are truly phenomenal. It is evident that they care about each student's success and are willing to work with you in whatever capacity to make sure you are prepared. I only found out about Ximedus by researching online, but I can firmly say that doing the course was one of the best decisions I made during my medical school education because I learned skills that not only helped me succeed on STEP 2 CS but will also be a part of my day-to-day work as a future physician.

Dr. Udayappan said: June 24th, 2018
Ximedus helped me pass my CS exams with flying colors! As a foreign graduate, this exam initially seemed the most intimidating because it wasn’t as straightforward as taking a multiple-choice exam as I had previously done for my other Steps. Ximedus’ 5-day course thoroughly covered all bases from making us comfortable with the structure of the exam to overcome our fear, to personal empathy training with role playing, to special formulas to answer difficult SP questions, and even a pre and post test to see our progress. I was lucky to work with a tutor even after my 5 days at their center on Skype right before my exam for that extra confidence boost that I needed. Going into the exam, I felt as though I could not have been more well prepared. Dr. Rowley genuinely cares about her students and spent time with each one of us individually to meet our needs. I truly want to thank her and the staff for helping us sail through the CS with one less thing to worry about on this long journey to residency.

Dr. Mariana Ceschim said: June 20th, 2018
I strongly recommend taking the Ximedus Workshop. I had almost zero confidence before taking the Workshop, and I left Port Charlotte as a new person. The work is very intense, and you’ll feel tired, but at the same time  you’ll see your progress. The effort of Dr. Rowley and all the team put into this Workshop is something outstanding. The actors that work with you are trained standardized patients and will prepare you to the worst possible scenario in the test day. They work with you in a group , but also individualize the attention, so you can focus on whatever is the hardest specifically for you. It helped me a lot and made all the difference. I passed Step 2 CS on my first attempt. I couldn’t be happier.

Dr. Yuliang Hu said: June 3rd. 2018
I took a 5-day course in February and passed CS on my first attempt in March. The course was very well organized, and evidence based. It’s not just about passing the exam, it also helped with teaching us how to think and reach a diagnosis and workup in real clinical practice. Dr Rowley is a very good teacher and gave us lots of encouragement. The SPs were very professional, kind, and knows how to teach and train students in physical exams and the interview. Other staff members helped in every way to make our stay comfortable. After the course we were given cases to practice patient notes which I find to be very helpful. The course was tailored to each student's need according to their test date and strength and weaknesses. All in all, it was a pleasant and rewarding experience, I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants to take a course before taking CS.

Dr. Sanjeev, UK said: May 27th, 2018
Increasingly, Step 2 CS is becoming more difficult to pass. Although, this is apparent to IMG’s, AMG’s too are failing this exam in significant numbers compared with previous years. Like many IMG’s living outside USA, I searched the internet, read reviews, costs etc. I came across Ximedus, I read reviews about Dr Mary Rowley and the whole team, I was very impressed but nervous given that there are famous names like Kaplan (comparatively very expensive). I emailed Dr Rowley and her reply convinced me that she was really focused on helping individuals and I immediately enrolled. This is the best thing I have ever done for Step 2 CS.  The whole course is fantastic, Dr Rowley is great, team is extremely helpful and fellow course participants make you realize that you are not alone. The aim is to understand the 3 components of the course; study stress-free and enjoy the actual exam. Yes, following this course, the exam is actually very enjoyable because you understand the whole structure. Furthermore, Dr Rowley continued to support me after the course too. This is a must do course like Pathoma is for Step 1. I also recommend the 5-day course. I will always remember that with your help, I made progress in my career dream. Fantastic pass rate! Good luck.

Dr. Lucas Horta said: May 21st, 2018
Taking Ximedus was pivotal to my success on STEP 2 CS! Not only they gave me a good chance to review the most high yield topics for the exam, but also a detailed and meticulous explanation on how to deal with the exam's format was given. STEP 2 CS is not exactly all about talking to a patient, doing a physical and writing notes. It's all about doing that on a very short period of time and in a way,  they will give you the points you need. There is no way I would have known what that means without Dr Rowley, Gene and everyone else at Ximedus! They tell you everything you need to know about the exam and prepare you to perform a physical in a few minutes without losing any points! It seems to me almost impossible not to pass after having taken the course!

Dr. Ruaengsri said: May 17th, 2018

I would like to say thank you for Dr. Rowley and Ximedus team. I'm IMG and I took the 3 day course in March,2018. A week before I took the other well-known prep course and I felt hopeless and scared of taking CS exam. My ICE and SEP were very weak and did not know how to improve them. After I took Ximedus class, Dr. Rowley  and all SP's understood and addressed my problems and they were corrected. I was paired with other classmates and practice on Skype and she sent me to meet with Jo who helped me a lot with my English and communication skill. I felt much better. I came back again a week after to take a full mock exam. I know that it's crazy but let me tell you, for me, it was worth it to do that. I'm so happy I finally passed this exam. I would say I highly recommend you guys should take this course. You'll never regret.

Edina said: May 12th, 2018
I am an IMG with decent amount of clinical experience. When I applied for the test I did not realize how much harder it became recently and how many little things you have to pay attention to in order to pass. Thankfully I applied for a course with Ximedus and I think this is the reason I passed for the first time. It is basically impossible to understand how you are scored just by reading the books (e.g. first aid) for this exam as an IMG. I highly recommend this course to any IMGs, as being a doctor (even with clinical experience) already does not necessarily mean that you gonna pass this test. After all, this is a test, and you have to do and say things that are needed for passing - and lot of them you may not even think about. I think that Dr Rowley is an exceptionally good teacher and physician, who can help people to work individually on their weaknesses and also tells you how to work on them. She has a very up to date and detailed knowledge on the exam too, that ultimately makes this course so valuable. I believe that her being so good in what she is doing, makes this course so successful. In sense of which course to choose (3 or 5 days): obviously depends on your knowledge and money situation. I initially wanted to do the 3-day course (because of the price difference of going to the 5 day one), but ended up paying an extra day, which was invaluable. It really was. The extra day helped me to consolidate my knowledge and made me able to perform e.g. the neuro and HEENT examinations in the short time given and helped me to learn time management better in general (,which are crucial to pass this exam). In addition, we had plenty of practice during the course on performing examinations the way it is expected on the exam and on what to say/ ask on the exam. Great advice in their booklet about all these - to look at after the course. Very good guidance and those help you to be more confident in general and to only concentrate on the parts most important... It is a great addition that  Dr Rowley has a team of really great people that makes the whole course very enjoyable. They even think about small things, like not just ordering some dry sandwiches for you while there, but asking what you would like to have from the place they order the food from (and it was good every day) (I know it might look unimportant, but when you are there these things make your day better).

Lorenna R. S. Sombra said: May 6th, 2018
I am very pleased to write a testimonial for the whole staff from Ximedus. I cannot remember everybody´s name now, but I keep in my mind all your faces, from the organization team to all the SPs that I had the pleasure to train with. You have no idea of how important your advices are for us, how to perform a quick and efficient physical examination, how to approach challenging patients. I would like to say a few words especially about Dr. Rowley! She is so amazing, like she was born to teach and to advise. I keep her in the bottom of my heart! I am not a fresh physician, I graduated in my country, Brazil, in 2009, and have been practicing since then, I am used to difficult patients and I love doing that, but sometimes I felt so nervous and insecure, and Dr. Rowley could evaluate my strong and weak points and let me know how to improve them to reach my goals. Being ECFMG certified now and getting closer to realize a dream is a conquest that I would like to share with you, family and friends who helped as well.
I strongly recommend Ximedus for the step 2 CS and I look forward to seeing you guys soon!

Dr. Leela Kantamneni said: May 4th, 2018
I took the 5-day CS workshop at Ximedus in January and had 3 weeks to prepare for CS. I couldn’t be more thankful to have trained with Dr. Rowley and team who are so passionate about what they do. They make learning fun, along with helping you master the core components for the test. I would highly recommend this course to give you a feel of the real test with the mock exams and get individualized attentions in areas to improve. They were kind enough to link me to study partners after the course was done too, which is an integral part of CS prep.

Dr. Viviane L. Abud said: May 4th, 2018

Ximedus was an absolute game changer in my Step 2 CS performance!!! I am an IMG who plans on applying to a very competitive residency in the US, so one thing I was sure: passing CS on my first attempt was an absolute must! That’s what I told Dr Rowley when I started the 5-day workshop at Ximedus. When I first got there, I could not be more desperate! I thought it would be impossible to get right all the small details that make a huge difference in the test! But I trusted Ximedus and it has not disappointed me! Dr Rowley and her team helped me with everything: understanding how the test and the score work, performing the right movements to make sure I got the point, filling my knowledge gaps, managing time, perfecting my spoken English, writing the patient note efficiently, showing empathy, dealing with challenging scenarios, managing my anxiety, building up my confidence,... the whole package! And the SPs were also really great! They are very knowledgeable and teach you a lot! They were essential for me to better understand what's in the mind of an SP! Besides all that, it’s amazing how Ximedus’ structure resembles the test center. Doing so many practice encounters in Ximedus made me feel much calmer during the real deal. After the workshop was over, I also had Skype encounters and tutoring, to make sure that I was prepared! And it was all worth it! I passed step 2 CS, with higher performance in all 3 categories!!! I would definitely recommend Ximedus to anyone who wants to guarantee a PASS on CS!

Dr. Roberta Tallarico said: May 4th, 2018

When I first came to Ximedus I knew so little about the test itself that passing the test was too far away from me. I had problems to take the 5-day workshop because of my work and Katie was amazing helping me to adjust it to my reality. I graduated in 2007 and now I'm a critical care doctor in Brazil. Many of the skills I should have for this test were lost during this 10 year of graduation. Dr. Rowley and her amazing team helped me with everything! My physical exam, clinical skills, my notes, my English. They all were cheering for me and for everyone during all the process and pushing us to get better every day. I planned to stay there for two weeks before the test and I had all the help to achieve my goal. The SPs are amazing and really kind. I can tell that we were 4 Brazilian doctors studying as hard as we could, and we all passed step 2CS. What I have to say about Ximedus? Dr. Rowley is a wonderful person and she absolutely loves what she does. They were my family for two weeks and I don't know how to thank them enough for all the support, patience, coffee and words of encouragement! Thank you, Dr. Rowley, Paul, Katia, Tanya and all the SPs. I strongly recommend this workshop, without their help it would be impossible to pass

“Anonymous” said: May 4th, 2018
This was a very informative class; Dr Rowley is very thorough and methodical and gives you personal attention. If you've no idea how to go on about this exam or how you're supposed to ace it, then attending this course would be a great first step towards it. Another thing, the "study partner service" really helps reinforce the stuff you learnt in class, with someone of similar caliber and geographical location, so you won't feel out of place. Their SPs are a fantastic lot who teach you well on how to deal with different situations and perform a succinct physical exam, which is so important for ICE. The course covers everything so be prepared for all your doubts to get resolved and take away something that you can cherish throughout your medical career - namely, "how to deal with patients in a way the boards like.

Terri Mason said:  April 4, 2018
I will forever be grateful to Dr. Rowley and the Ximedus team. I am a US med school grad who failed Step 2CS on the first attempt. When I found out my results I was absolutely devastated. It was a couple months before I would begin applying for residency. I took the 5-day workshop in July 2017 at the suggestion of my school's student affairs office. After speaking with other students from my school who had success with the program, I decided to attend.  The course was absolutely amazing. The sessions were very interactive, and Dr. Rowley took time to make sure she learned and met the needs of each student in the workshop. I learned way more than just how to study and perform well on this test. I learned skills that will help me to become a more empathetic and competent physician. The program provides you with lots of opportunities for practicing as well as an abundance of straightforward resources to take home with you. Unfortunately, I was unable to take the test in the time frame discussed with Dr. Rowley. The test underwent some changes in scoring, and I was unable to secure a test date prior to the changes. Dr. Rowley made it her priority to make sure she stayed up to date with any changes made to the test in order to help students perform well. I ended up pushing my test back to December due to residency interviews and personal reasons. The Ximedus team followed up with me often to see how my studying was going and offered support along the way. When it got close to my exam, I reached out and was able to get honest feedback on whether I was ready to make the second attempt. I trusted Dr. Rowley when she said I needed more practice and pushed my test date further back. I was matched with a study partner who was consistent, and it helped boost my confidence. They also worked with my unique situation to make sure I had the tools to succeed because I only had one more chance to take the exam and pass in order to fully complete my degree requirements. This included practice sessions via Skype and evaluating my timed practice patient notes. Ximedus went above and beyond from the time I sent a message on the website asking about how to attend the workshop all the way up until I got my test results. I finally took my test in January 2018 and found out that I passed in March 2018, right before match week. Not only did I pass, but I received high performance in CIS and above borderline moving into high performance for ICE. On my prior attempt I just had above borderline performance in CIS and all borderline/lower performance in ICE. By passing Step 2CS on the 2nd attempt, I was able to be SOAP-eligible in the event that I did not match. With the help of Dr. Rowley and Ximedus, I was able to finish my degree and match into my desired specialty. The workshop is definitely worth the time and investment. I am currently working in a family physician's office until I begin residency and I use a lot of the communication and exam skills taught in the workshop to provide the best care to my patients.  Dr. Rowley is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching.  I am so grateful.

Alejandra said: August 23rd, 2017

This was the best Workshop. I passed my CS exam at my first attempt!! all the team of Ximedus and Dr. Rowley, were great thank you for everything! I learned so much with you guys...totally recommend it!... Ximedus gave me confidence and taught me time management, help me improve my patients notes and do a quick physical exam, it helps you prepare in the best possible way for the exam after the workshop you will comfortable because you know what to expect.

Dr. Thongthaisin said: August 17th, 2017
Took the 3-day course and took the test 6 days later and passed! Dr. Rowley was very kind and knowledgeable. The SP's were very nice. The hotel was good. The food was food. The weather was nice. I highly recommend Ximedus!

Luis said:  August 16th, 2017
I'll write a bullet point review so people do actually READ IT because I feel it is of extremely importance: - excellent scores in step 1 and step 2 CK, took a prep course in CT, had high performance in the mini mock exam in ALL cases, took the exam 5 days later: FAIL in ICE. Teacher couldn't not tell me why I failed - 3 days after receiving the score, traveled from Brazil to Port Charlotte, in 5 minutes Dr. Rowley told me why I had failed. Took 3 days of Ximedus and 2 days later I took the exam in Philadelphia: PASS WITH VERY HIGH PERFORMANCE in every single component, just following the Ximedus methods of history, PN, PE and strategy, It is not about money, or about anything else, it's all about what a fail in this exam represents to us IMG's Don't think twice in what course to take.

Gaston Camino Willhuber said: July 2nd, 2017

As a foreign doctor I was really nervous, I took the 5-day course and I passed the exam!!! Dr. Rowley and all the team are really great, professional. I am sure that this course gave me all the skills and tips that I needed. I took the exam 2 days after the course, I don't recommend doing that, but still I passed!!! I thank to all the team!!! Strongly recommend!!!

Dr. Chen said:  May 11th, 2017
I passed my CS. Great thanks to Dr. Rowley and all the staff I met in Ximedus. I took a 5-day course last December, from which I learned how to manage my time, choose appropriate physical examinations, show my empathy, start an interview, and organize my closure, Sincerely, I recommend this course to all people who want to pass CS.

Stepan said: March 15th, 2017

I would like to share my opinion about the Ximedus course. I am an IMG and I took the 3-day course, in fact I did almost just 2 days, because I had a flight delay and missed a large part the 1st day. Besides that, I passed the exam with the help of Dr. Rowley and all the other staff. I want to thank everyone who worked with me!! I advise to take this course and I think it's better to take the 5-day course, because I was left with some questions at the end of the course and I know that very useful information is provided in the other 2 days. But at the same time my questions did not remain unanswered, Dr. Rowley helped and answered my questions after the course!!!! I appreciate that very much. I realized that every advice given in those days were very valuable!!!

A. Tiwari said: February 4th, 2017
I took the 5-day CS workshop in October 2016. I got my results on 1 Feb 2017: I passed!! I was very pleased with the course. Dr. Rowley and her staff were fantastic and helped me learn all that I needed in order to pass Step 2 CS on my first attempt. They helped me improve my patient notes and learn a faster way to get all the patient information I needed using the most appropriate questions and responses. They also helped me learn how to do quick, thorough physical exams. I couldn't have done it without Ximedus. I definitely recommend their courses.

Gonzalo Mezquita said: February 2nd, 2017

Got my results yesterday!!! Passed!!! I couldn't have done it without Ximedus prep course!!! Amazing course, amazing organization, amazing people. 100% recommended!!

Daniel Eduardo Carrasco MD said: April 14th, 2016

Nothing will give you the opportunity to review every aspect of this abominable exam like Ximedus. I practiced everything I learned from my one-week course and it payed off on exam day. I highly recommend it; the staff is great and ready to focus on your individual weaknesses. Take this course and test with confidence on exam day.

Henry Chien said: October 15th, 2015
Took my exam; passed it. A special thank you to Dr. Rowley and all her exemplary staff who went the extra mile training me to tackle this abomination of an exam that shouldn't exist. I had taken the exam before and failed while the very people I coached and practiced with daily for months on end passed. I had many questions that went unanswered until I went to Ximedus. Dr. Rowley and her crew were very patient, clear and encouraging. They did an incredible job in preparing me for my final showdown. I had taken other preparation courses for CS before and none come close to the quality Ximedus offers, NONE.

Amila N. said: October 9th, 2015
To anyone who is considering Ximedus for USMLE Step 2 CS: In preparation for Step 2 CS, I was given all the cliché advise from my peers; "Just study the First aid cases", "You will pass if you can speak English", "Just do heart, lungs & abdominal exams" etc. However, I was extremely uneasy prior to the USMLE CS exam because of the lack of an objective way to self-assess myself as I would for Step 1 of Step CK (via NBMEs or Uworld assessments). A colleague of mine had recommended Ximedus and mentioned that they provide assessments with feedback prior to and after the course in addition to teaching the skills necessary for the exam which weighed heavily in my decision to enroll in the 3 Day program. After the program, Dr. Rowley provided me with great feedback and their study partner program paired me with another fellow Ximedus student. We both practiced our cases for 1 month and proud to say PASSED the exam. In short, do NOT take this exam lightly. My only regret is not signing up for the 5-day course. She will prepare you to be better physician and not just to pass the CS. Thank you Dr. Rowley & the Ximedus staff.

Kristy King said: August 12th, 2015

I am a US IMG, and I took the 5-day course at Ximedus. I did all of my rotations in the US, and after taking CS, I was so thankful that I had not underestimated this exam. Dr. Rowley's techniques helped me determine how to perform a FOCUSED physical exam. it is one thing to know the system(s) you need to examine for a particular complaint, but that knowledge is not going to help you pass this exam because there is simply not enough time to do everything. On the exam, the cases are often vague, and there are multiple systems you will consider examining. If you don't have a technique to quickly determine which parts of each system to examine, you will lose points FAST! Dr. Rowley's techniques also help you keep your patient note focused, with appropriate support for your diagnoses. In addition, the special mnemonics Dr. Rowley and her staff have developed to quickly determine the possible diagnoses, as well as recall the most efficient physical exam sequence, were extremely helpful. Dr. Rowley knows the CS exam inside and out. After you leave the course, Dr. Rowley will stay in contact with you and offer you the guidance and tutoring you need to feel confident. When Dr. Rowley says, "you are ready", you can be sure you are going to walk into that testing center and have a good day. I ended up with high performance in all three categories. I feel I have the clinical skills I need to succeed in residency. I couldn't have achieved this without the knowledge and skills I acquired at Ximedus. Overall, ALL of the Ximedus staff are kind and compassionate people, who truly want you to succeed - not only on CS, but on your road to achieving a US residency. Many students underestimate this test and end up being ineligible for many residency programs that require a first time pass on CS. I am so glad I didn't take that change! Good Luck!!

Bruno said: August 12th, 2015
I'd like to let you know that I passed USMLE Step 2 CS. I took the 5-day course and it was a great experience, that helped to build my confidence. Dr. Rowley is a nice person and an excellent CS instructor. Ximedus is 100% recommended. Take this test seriously, practice and follow their personalized recommendations. That's the best advice I'd give.

George T. said: June 25th, 2015
Just yesterday I received my results of Step 2 CS and I passed! My scores were way above borderline in every component. I am an IMG who took the 5-day Ximedus course and I would rate it a outstanding!!! Great and polite staff, friendly atmosphere, and all that in the nice town of Port Charlotte. The "soul" of the course, Dr. Rowley is an amazing teacher who can read every student regarding their individual weaknesses and help them improve accordingly. Not only is she an intelligent doctor and teacher, but one of the kindest persons I've ever met. She was always there for me and for any of my classmates who asked her help. The course has boosted my performance and organized my thought process with the acronyms which is vital during an exam in which time management anxiety can make you forget simple things during history taking and loose easy points. They pay attention and help you improve even the tiniest details. They also teach the systems approached clinical examination perfectly! Apart from the exam their H&P approach have also certainly improved my skills in the everyday medical practice. From here I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to you Dr. Rowley and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me... THANK YOU :-D

Sherina Shahbazian said: March 18th, 2015

I did the course between my Emergency Medicine rotation. I did the 5 days and I highly recommend it especially if you are a foreign graduate. The staff is very nice, and Dr. Rowley is kind and helps you with your exact weakness. I am sure I wouldn't have passed first time if it wasn't for Dr. Rowley's guidance and encouragement. I took the exam a month after the course due to my school schedule, but I was able to review everything and get personalized tutoring on skype a week before my exam, which helped me with my weakness. I do use the orders and the techniques Dr. Rowley taught us every day with my patients. Ximedus not only prepares you for Clinical Skills exam, it prepares you to be one great physician. Thank you, Dr. Rowley, for the amazing experience and knowledge.

Matt said: March 9th, 2015
I would recommend this workshop to everyone who is working on CS! You can learn every detail of the exam from this workshop! Dr. Rowley and all the staff are willing to provide everything possible to help the students! The help you can get is not just the days when you are in the workshop. It will last until the day before your exam! And, especially you can get individualized education from Dr. Rowley. She is an excellent CS teacher! She knew our weakness and strength after the first day's class, and then she helped us to improve. And, when we left the workshop, she will again talk to everyone individually to tell us what and how we should do before the exam. Dr. Rowley and your team, thanks so much!!

Hassan Moria said: March 5th, 2015
Being an Anesthesiology and Critical care Attending with being away from the basic structure and requirements of CS step two exam is definitely very difficult experience to pass the exam in ultrashort period of time prep (10 days), I took the 5 days course which is recommended. Ximedus members are able and very confident to let you pass the exam. Hassan Moria, MD, SABanes Saudi Arabian Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

SABRI E A said: February 11th, 2015
I am glad to tell that i passed my step2 cs exam. thanx to god first, then to the highly organized 3 days extensive course with Dr. Rowley and her staff. personally, i feel this is one of the best preparation courses; it focuses on the candidate weakness and really i changed. many concepts about the exam when i am done with it. Dr. Rowley is also very kind person, she does really care about your weaknesses and her advice was priceless. I’d like to thank you all and i strongly recommend this course, especially for IMGS.

Shinthu said: January 19th, 2015
I would like to mention how i passed my Step 2 CS on the first attempt thanks to Ximedus. Without doubt, I would highly recommend this program to any individuals preparing for their exam. I was enrolled in the 5-day program. I came in with very little knowledge of how to go on with the preparation but that 5 days changed it all. Dr. Rowley is definitely one of the best educators and doctors I've come across. She put an extraordinary team together. There were so much that the SPs were willing to offer us to prepare us to be a better clinician. I especially loved how each day was segregated systematically to focus on the most important aspects of this exam. Patient history taking was a lit simplified to learn without having to memorize. We were taught to be great clinicians with appropriate bed-side manners. The best part of this program was feedbacks given to us by the SPs at the end of each encounter allowed us to focus on our weaknesses the most. There's a lot more to mention about this program but i would like to end it off by saying Ximedus will definitely leave you feeling prepared and confident! Thank you

Dr. Ioannis said: December 25th, 2014
You may have heard quotes, like if you speak English you are good with cs or Just remember to wash your hands and that is about it. Keeping a good result in mind sometimes simplifies things. Moreover, minimum performance required now has nothing to do with requirements in the past. Dr. Rowley is devoted to guiding medical graduates through step 2 cs with unparalleled enthusiasm and exceptional professionalism. She has deep knowledge of all aspects of the exam and keeps herself up to date on both the formal changes and the ones concealed behind slight changes in phrasing of the cs booklet. She receives feedback from a large pool of examinees in all 5 centers throughout the year. Her prior interaction with them during the course and her formal training in medical education further enhance her ability to validate their impressions and to adjust the course content accordingly. So, in a race-like exam with strong elements of subjectivity and unclear rules, taking an educated guess is much more efficient than simply taking a guess. In the workshop, training is individualized after an early assessment of each participants competence. The schedule maintains a fine balance between class and practice time. Well-trained Sp’s will make sure the participants are exposed to a wide range of cases, most of them within the difficulty range of the actual exam, but some of them covering extreme cases that sometimes show up. All elements scored in the actual exam are covered in depth and feedback on performance is provided on multiple occasions. The comprehensive binder also provided is ideal for high-yield study. Each participant is re-evaluated later during the course and Dr. Rowley suggests an individualized study and practice plan, including feedback on patient notes and practice via skype with experienced SPs like Paul and Jo. The Ximedus team stayed next to me until the exam and fully addressed my needs. And my test result verified that Ximedus was an excellent choice.

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