Sunday Afternoon Practice Exam

Designed for the student or physician that has prepared for the USMLE Step 2 CS exam, and would like to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses prior to taking the examination. The practice exam reviews all aspects of the examination process. At the completion of the practice exam, each participant receives a detailed statistical analysis of their examination readiness in Integrated Clinical Encounter, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, and Spoken English Proficiency. 


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Sunday Practice Examination With 7 Patient Encounters

Workshop Price $495.00


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Workshop Price $495.00

  (Includes Complimentary Airport pickup and Drop off - To Sarasota and Fort Myers Airports in Florida along with daily transport to the Workshop and back to the Hotel

Sunday Step 2 CS Practice Exam

Step 2 CS Practice Exam includes:

  • The examination begins at 2 PM on Sunday afternoon. 
  • This is a Sunday PM Practice Examination with 7 (seven) Standardized Patient Encounters in a simulated test center environment. Each examination room is fully-equipped with all medical instruments, medical stool, and medical examination tables, to prepare you for the actual exam.
  • New cases have been integrated into the Practice Examination to cover all "New Changes".
  • Written Feedback is given for each case upon completion of the exam.
  • Computer-generated announcements with timelines like the actual exam.
  • This exam has an Examination Proctor.
  • Encounters are video-recorded and monitored by Physicians/Instructors for feedback.
  • Patient Notes are evaluated and graded by our Physicians.
  • Each Encounter will cover a different case.
  • At the end of the exam, you will receive all the feedback sheets and your scrape papers for each encounter.
  • At the conclusion of the exam, you will receive a detailed Statistical Analysis of all Encounters.
  • Feedback and Examination Readiness is discussed 1-on-1 with our Staff Physician.