Here at Ximedus we believe it is imperative to work with you. All of our writers have Master's Degree in Writing and will produce the highest quality statement based on your own responses to the questionnaire.  We do most of the tedious work, but your involvement in the process is necessary to portray all your qualities.

  • You answer a customized questionnaire about yourself and your achievements.

  • Your responses are sent to our writing team.

  • Your first draft is received back within 5 to 7 days.

  • You review the first draft and comment on content that you would like deleted or added to the statement.

  • Your comments are then integrated into the final version of your statement.

  • Your final statement is received back.

The entire process takes 7 to 10 days

*Expedited services are available, which shortens the time by 3 days, an additional $75.00

Below is a brief excerpt from one of our Winning Statements!

...A few years later, I was in the midst of my rotations and on the verge of discovering my specific passion in medicine. I was conducting surgical rotations when I met a patient that changed me forever. She was two years older than me, and we diagnosed her with terminal colon cancer. After this, I had the opportunity to stay and help her with the transition into hospice. As a doctor, I always knew I would be working to help patients live, but that day, I also realized that I would be helping people with the process of dying. This experience inspired me to specialize in family medicine because.......

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