Course Price $999.00

The course is 9:30 am-5:30 pm eastern time.  The course will go later on the day that we do Physical Examination stations to provide for more practice.

Zoom Video media will be used.

In addition to the course you will receive a 6 Encounter Telehealth Exam, and

3 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring, or a Spoken English evaluation

Lecture notes will be provided prior to the course.

SEATS ARE LIMITED to 15 to allow for more interaction with the Instructor

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Course Price $999.00

Testimonial.....Thank you, Ximedus, for conducting this online course during such a difficult time.  The course truly exceeded my expectations.  Now I understand and feel more prepared to attempt my CS exam.

J. Sanders

Online Comprehensive Telehealth Step 2 CS Course


Day 1

Course Introduction

  • an introduction will be delivered by your Physician Instructor, this will cover the agenda of the course, and will be opened to questions regarding the course content

  • Step 2 CS Exam Orientation - discuss all of the exam components and the scoring of the actual examination

Day 1

CIS Subcomponents 

Introduction - Principles of Proper Introduction:  This component is to emphasize the proper technique for Introduction in a Physician/Patient setting. 

We teach you:

  • how to develop a trusting Physician/Patient Relationship

  • show respect

  • foster the Physician/Patient Relationship through verbal and nonverbal communication skills

  • effective and Proper Patient Interviewing Techniques - such as Physician Posture, Eye Contact, Patient's Personal Space, and Respecting the Patient's Modesty

Closing - Adult/Pediatric

- Techniques for Encounter Closure NEW CHANGES included: 

  • provide the patient with two differential diagnoses

  • describing the diagnoses using clear and understandable statements (Ximedus will provide all possible statements needed for this section of the closing)  

  • explanation of the diagnostic studies

  • assessing the patient's agreement, willingness, and understanding of the information

  • counseling the patient regarding negative social habits. (i.e., tobacco use, alcohol use, illicit drugs, sexual practices, diet, exercise,etc.)  


Communications/Interpersonal Skills - effective Physician/Patient communication skills Communication Interpersonal Skills section including:

  • how to demonstrate foster the relationship through facilitative communications

  • using attentive body language via online video

  • use of appropriate empathy

  • validation of patient concerns

  • determining the patient's understanding of the information

  • helping the patient make appropriate decisions

Discussion and demonstration of effective communications skills using:

  • open vs. closed-ended questions

  • reflection of pertinent content

  • clarifying information

Empathy Understanding/Application:

  • a communication instructor explains how to display professional empathy 

  • you will learn a basic understanding of empathy for both adult and pediatric encounters 

  • after the discussion, you will practice your skills

**There will be a 10-minute break after 2 hours.  Missed sessions can be viewed with a password and a link for a limited time period.

Day 2

The Medical Interview

You will learn:

  • how to deal with the problem-oriented interview

  • how to conduct the interview

  • how to "calibrate" the interview, using a patient-centered interview technique

  • how to use opened techniques

  • how to use closed-ended techniques

  • understanding the prohibited questioning skills during the interview

  • how to actively listen

  • how to control the environment

  • how and what to focus on in the HPI

  • understanding pertinent positive and negative associated symptoms

  • transitional statements

  • past medical history

  • family history

  • social history/sexual history

  • review of symptoms

  • time management/time limitations

The Patient Note is scored in the ICE component.

You will learn:

  • how to write a strong, organized HPI

  • what content is now acceptable bases on the "new changes"

  • what writing styles is acceptable, and what parameters you need to use

  • documentation of PMH, PSH, FH, SH, ROS

  • how to document your physical examination findings using the acceptable abbreviations

  • a formula that will use to support each diagnosis for the history findings column

  • what support needs to be used for the physical exam findings column

  • what the parameters are for the diagnostic studies section

Day 3

Physical Examination/PE Stations

  • Physician demonstrates the 6 systems:  HEENT, CVS, LUNGS, ABD, MSK, NEURO 

  • upon completion of the demonstration, the class will be divided into smaller groups to master the skills of each system with the guidance of an instructor

  • How to demonstrate your Physical Exam Skill via online video

  • Learn the specific Physical Exam skills need for the online video encounter

*In addition to the structured lecture time each attendee will receive:

  • 3 hours of additional 1-on-1 instruction in an area of your choosing.  You may pick from Spoken English sessions, and/or Simulated SP encounters

  • a 6 encounter online practice exam with SP feedback after each encounter, and a detailed statistical analysis of performance with a written explanation of the areas of weakness



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