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 English Simulated Exam (Online Assessment) OET For Medicine

 English Simulated Exam (Online Assessment) For OET



Structure of the Simulated English Exam will be as follows:

Listening component: There are three parts to this component.  A total of 42 questions.  All three tasks take 45 minutes to complete this component.

  • Part A - You will listen to two 5 minute passages - physician to the patient conversation.  You are evaluated on your ability to assess specific information that was discussed during the conversation by filling in the blanks on your answer sheet from the content of the conversation.

  • Part B - You will listen to six 1-minute passages between two healthcare professionals.  You will answer 1 multiple-choice question for each passage.

  • Part C - You will listen to two different 5-minute presentations based on a healthcare topic, and then answer 6 multiple choice questions for each presentation.

Reading component:  There are three parts to this component.  This section will take 60 minutes to complete the entire reading component. 

  • Part A - This component assesses your ability to quickly identify a short text passage for specific healthcare information. There will be 4 text passages and you will answer 20 questions.  The format is matching, short answers, and sentence completion. 

  • Part B - This component assesses your ability to identify details with proficiency and speed.  There will be 6 text passages, for each text passage, there is one 3 option multiple choice question to answer. 

  • Part C - This component assesses your ability to determine the meaning in 2 text passages that are a healthcare-related topic.  There will be 2 text passages that you will need to answer 8-four option multiple-choice questions related to each passage.

Writing component:  This component has one specific writing task to be completed in 45 minutes.  This is divided into 5 minutes to read the notes and 40 minutes to do the Writing task.  The task will be either:  a referral letter, a transfer letter, or a discharge letter.

The Speaking task.  This component is completed with a Standardized Patient (Interlocutor).  You are required to discuss a medical topic or concern with the patient.  You are given two topics to role-play with the Patient.  Each topic will take 5 minutes to role-play.  You will perform the simulation with the aid of a printed-out card.  You are able to refer to the card while performing the speaking component.  

Additional Information:

1. The exam will be administered via Zoom.

2. This is a paper and pencil exam or it can be taken as a computer test.  You will be given detailed instructions once you register on how to deliver your answer sheet to us for scoring.

3.  Score Reports will be delivered 48 hours after the simulated exam date.

4.  A thorough understanding of the scores will be discussed individually with each participant.

5.  You are required to take this exam on a laptop or desktop.

6.  You can not do this exam over your phone.

7.  You will need a set of headphones to do the listening part of this exam.

****The exam is approximately 4 hours long. You may take the exam on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.  We offer two start times per day at 11:00 am eastern time or 3:00 pm eastern time. 

English Simulated Exam (Online) OET For Medicine

Designed for students or physicians that are preparing for the ECFMG "required" English Exam (OET) and would like to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses prior to taking the examination. The simulated exam assesses all aspects of the examination. Within 48 hours of the completion of the exam, each participant receives a detailed score report similar to what you will receive in the actual exam.  You are evaluated for your examination readiness in the following components: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking tasks. 

 English Simulated Exam (Online Assessment FOR OET). This Practice Exam can be scheduled for the following days:  Monday, Tuesday and Saturday