How do I register for this workshop?

You may register for this workshop  online or by telephone +1 (941) 979-9029.

Ximedus FAQs about the Course

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Do I need a car while I am at the workshop?

NO! Ximedus will arrange your airport pick-up and return to the airport and will transport you to and from classes each day. This is a complementary service for the workshop, and is ANOTHER SAVINGS FOR YOU.

Where is the workshop held?

All workshops are held at our program location in Port Charlotte, Florida

What is a Standardized Patient (SP)?

A Standardized Patient, also known as an SP, is an individual of varying age, gender, and race who is extensively trained to portray a patient with a medical problem. The SP will simulate emotions and the medical physical exam findings. Standardized Patients are also trained to provide the student with feedback regarding their specific patient encounter. Our Standardized Patients are an integral part of the Interpersonal Communication Component of our workshops.

Do you offer individual tutoring?

Yes, Ximedus will arrange individual tutoring for any student that needs that type of program. Ximedus also offers virtual tutoring through Skype. Please contact the Program Director for pricing.

What complimentary services are available? 

Ximedus provides transportation to and from select airports, transportation to and from classes and assistance with obtaining a Travel Visa. 

Why is the STEP 2 Clinical Skills Review workshop important to take?

Approximately 1/3 of the IMG candidates taking the STEP 2 Clinical Skills examination FAIL this exam on the first attempt. Failing this exam can adversely affect your chances of obtaining the Residency Program of your choice. Additionally, candidates must consider the extra cost involved in re-taking the exam, time and the loss of self-confidence.

When should I attend this workshop?

Most students find that it is best to take the review workshop 3-4 weeks before the actual exam. If during the review workshop, the student feels he/she requires additional individual training that leaves another week available for preparation. Many overseas students stay at the local hotel near Ximedus during their 2nd week, at the reduced student rate, just to rest up and to be close to Ximedus if they need additional tutoring.

Where do I stay while I am at the workshop?

Ximedus will arrange accommodations for you in a very nice hotel near the workshop location. We have negotiated a very good rate for our students.

Why should I register now and place a deposit to guarantee my spot?

Over 750 candidates take the STEP 2 CS Exam each week in the USA, and the demand for pre-test training is very great. Workshops fill up rapidly! In order to ensure you a seat in the workshop on any given week, it is important for you to pay a deposit.

How does this workshop help me to prepare for the actual STEP 2 CS Exam that I am scheduled to take?

By enrolling in a STEP 2 CS Workshop at Ximedus, you will thoroughly learn and experience, in a realistic clinic environment, what will be expected of you when you take the actual exam. The examination rooms, the timing of your patient encounters, and the atmosphere is similar to the actual test. YOU WILL BE PREPARED!!!

Does Ximedus arrange for my hotel accommodations?

Ximedus will arrange accommodations for you in a very nice hotel near Ximedus. We have negotiated a very good rate for our students at less than half the rate you might pay in Chicago, New York, or New Jersey. This amounts to SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS for each student.

* Jan - Mar: $99/night + tax ($12.95)

* Apr - Dec: $79/night + tax ($10.55)

$20 for additional occupant / night

What are the cost savings by attending the STEP 2 CS Review Workshop at Ximedus?

The average savings for a Ximedus student attending the 5-day workshop is $2,135 USD:

XimedusOther ProgramsAmount Saved
Hotel (5 nights)$448-560*starting at $790$342-230
TransportationsFREE$100 each way$200
Total Savings:$2,135+