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Monitoring for Available Examination Dates

We now offer Examination Date Monitoring, this service is to assist Examinees to find an Exam Date that may be unavailable.  

Many Examinees need to change their dates, exam center location or need to find a specific exam date, this service will search and monitor for dates that may be otherwise unavailable.  We monitor for a 15 Day period from 9am to 6pm.  You may monitor 1 or up to 5 testing centers, the cost is $50.00/center for the 15 Day period. This service has been available to Ximedus clients in the past and is now available to everyone.  Our success rate of capturing a date is at 90%.  If you are interested or would like to sign up for the service fill out the form below:

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You will be contacted within 48 hours of submitting this form, thank you!

Exam Date Monitoring

".........Thank you for this service without it I wouldn't  have been able to find a test date.  Now I will be able to take part in Match."
D. Patel 01/2014

"........I heard about this service from a friend.  I had
tried, and tried to find a test date.  Sitting in front of my computer for hours, or rushing to sign-in to the scheduling site to find out the date was gone.  You saved me from a lot of frustration, thank you."
C. Kenner 02/2014


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