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Spoken English for Step 2 CS Exam

For the student or physician whose first language is not English, Ximedus offers 1-on-1 Spoken English Proficiency Tutoring via the internet.


- Our Specialists focus on Spoken English for Step 2 CS Exam including:

  • Pronunciation
  • A personalized vocabulary list
  • Formulation of medical sentences for Adult and Pediatric cases including:

                . Introduction

                . Interview Questions for the History of Present Illness and Past Medical History

                . Statements for the Physical Exam

                . Counseling and Closure

  • Proper Intonation and Stress of important words
  • Tempo, Projection and Volume of Voice

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1-on-1 SEP FOR STEP 2 CS EXAM( Spoken English Proficiency Tutoring Online) - $75/hour