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"... I would like to inform you gladly that I passed the CS exam with great results in all components of the exam, slam dunk! Man, it was really a piece of cake after I had the training in your course, thanks to Dr. Rowley and the great course ... Thank you, thank you all, I really enjoyed every minute I spent there. I wish seeing you all at some time in good health."

- Dr. Abdulrahman Alnabti, M.D., FACC, FRCP (Canada)

"... Thank you very much for your great course. It was a great help for me on my exam. It was the most compatible course with the actual exam. I would like to congratulate you for your course. I will always advise my friends and colleagues to take this course as an essential part of their exam preparation ..."

- Dr. Najla Issa Najim (FRCR, CCST, JBR, DRMD (Baghdad)),
Director of Diagnostic Radiology Program,
Consultant Radiologist

"... I passed Step 2 CS! I want to share the moment of joy with everyone at Ximedus. I am so grateful to Dr. Rowley for pinpointing our weaknesses and spending long hours helping us. I appreciate her love and dedication. I owe this moment to Dr. Rowley, one of the greatest teachers I have known, and the entire team.

- Dr. Joseph (USA)

"... Being an IMG I was completely un-aware of the US clinical setting. At Ximedus I not only experienced it, but I also got a chance to do live encounters with real SP's and also got their personal feedback which was very helpful!!! I am very grateful to Dr. Rowley for her guidance and her one-on-one personal attention to each of us. Her down-to-earth attitude and extreme dedication towards us (her students) made us at ease with the environment and helped boost our confidence. The CS Workshop at Ximedus is worth every single penny!!! Thank you Dr. Rowley and her team. Thanks Ximedus!!!

- Dr. Binita Kharel Nepal (Nepal/USA)