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Other Workshops at Ximedus

1-on-1 Spoken English Proficiency Tutoring (Online)
- $75/hour

For the student or physician whose first language is not English, Ximedus offers 1-on-1 Spoken English Proficiency Tutoring via the internet.

  • Our Specialists focus on:
    • Pronunciation
    • A personalized vocabulary list
    • Formulation of medical sentences for Adult and Pediatric cases including:
      • Introduction
      • Interview Questions for the History of Present Illness and Past Medical History
      • Statements for the Physical Exam
      • Counseling and Closure
    • Proper Intonation and Stress of important words
    • Tempo, Projection and Volume of Voice

 1/2-Day Mini Practice Exam (Online)
- $275

Designed for the student or physician that has prepared for the USMLE Step 2 CS exam, and would like to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses prior to taking the examination without leaving home.

The Mini Practice Exam reviews all aspects of the examination process. At the completion of the Mini Practice Exam, each participant receives a detailed report highlighting his/her competency in Integrated Clinical Encounter, Communication and Interpersonal Skills, and Spoken English Proficiency.

  • This is an Online Mini Practice Examination with 4 (four) Standardized Patient Encounters via the internet.
  • We will provide an electronic Patient Note at the time of the encounter.
  • Patient Notes are evaluated and graded by our Physicians.
  • Each Encounter will cover a different case.
  • After each timed Encounter, the Standardized Patient will provide you with 1-on-1 feedback.
  • At the conclusion of the encounters, you will receive a detailed Statistical Analysis of all Encounters.

*Course Requirements: An internet connection, web cam, microphone, computer speakers, and Skype® (available free at

 7 Encounter Program with Feedback
- $480/day

  • Seven (7) Customized, Timed Standardized Patient (SP) Encounters
  • Direct SP-Based Feedback
  • Integrated CIS and SEP Skills Enhancement
Designed for the student or physician who is comfortable with his/her exam preparation, but feels that extra time with Certified Standardized Patients (SPs) would be beneficial. After each encounter, each participant will receive 1-on-1 feedback from an SP and a detailed report highlighting his/her competency in CIS and SEP skills.