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Gaston Camino Willhuber said:   July 2, 2017 4:44 am PST
As a foreign doctor I was really nervous, I took the 5-day course and I passed the exam!! Dr Rowley and all the team are really great, professional. I am sure that this course gave me all the skills and tips that I needed. I took the examen 2 days after the course, I dont recommed to do that. but still I passed!!! thank to all the team!!! Strongly recommended!! Gaston Camino Willhuber

Dr. Chen said:   May 11, 2017 3:23 pm PST
I passed my CS. Great thanks to Dr. Rowley and all staff I met in Ximedus. I took a 5-day course last December, from which I learned how to manage my time, choose appropriate physical examinations, show my empathy, start a interview, and organize my closure. Sincerely, I recommend this course to all people who want to pass CS.

A. Tiwari said:   February 4, 2017 1:22 pm PST
I took the 5-day CS workshop in October 2016. I got my results on 1 Feb 2017: I passed!! I was very pleased with the course. Dr. Rowley and her staff were fantastic, and helped me learn all that I needed in order to pass Step 2 CS on my first attempt. They helped me improve my patient notes, and learn a faster way to get all the patient information I needed using the most appropriate questions and responses. They also helped me learn how to do quick, thorough physical exams. I couldn't have done it without Ximedus. I definitely recommend their courses.

Gonzalo Mezquita said:   February 2, 2017 2:24 pm PST
Got my results yesterday!!! Passed!!!! I couldn´t have done it without Ximedus prep course!!! Amazing course, amazing organization, amazing people. 100% recommended!!

Daniel Eduardo Carrasco MD said:   April 14, 2016 10:45 am PST
Nothing will give you the opportunity to review every aspect of this abominable exam like XIMEDUS. I practiced everything I learned from my one week course and it payed off on exam day. I highly recommend it, the staff is great and ready to focus on your individual weaknesses. Take this course and test with confidence on exam day.

Stepan said:   March 15, 2016 11:57 am PST
I would like to share my opinion about the Ximedus course. I am an IMG and I took the 3 day course, in fact I did almost just 2 days, because I had a flight delay and missed a large part the 1st day. Besides that I passed the exam with the help of Dr Rowley and all the other staff. I want to thank everyone who wroked with me!! I advice to take this course and I think it's better to take the 5 day course, because I was left with some questions at the end of the course and I know that very useful information is provided in the other 2 days. But at the same time my questions did not remain unanswered, Dr Rowley helped and answered my questions after the course!!!! I appreciate that very much. I realised that every advice given in those days were very valuable!!

Henry Chien said:   October 15, 2015 11:49 am PST
Took my exam; passed it. A special thank you to Dr. Rowley and all her exemplary staff who went the extra mile training me to tackle this abomination of an exam that shouldn't exist. I had taken the exam before and failed while the very people I coached and practiced with daily for months on end passed. I had many questions that went unanswered until I went to Ximedus. Dr. Rowley and her crew were very patient, clear, and encouraging. They did an incredible job in preparing me for my final showdown. I had taken other preparation courses for CS before and none come close to the quality Ximedus offers, NONE.

Amila N. said:   October 9, 2015 5:05 pm PST
To anyone who is considering Ximedus for USMLE Step 2 CS: In preparation for Step 2 CS, I was given all the cliche advise from my peers; “Just study the Firstaid cases”, “You will pass if you can speak english”, “Just do heart, lungs & abdominal exams” etc. However, I was extremely uneasy prior to the USMLE CS exam because of the lack of an objective way to self assess myself as I would have for Step 1 or Step CK (via NBMEs or Uworld assessments). A colleague of mine had recommended Ximedus and mentioned that they provide assessments with feedback prior to and after the course in addition to teaching the skills necessary for the exam which weighed heavily in my decision to enroll in the 3 Day program. After the program, Dr. Rowley provided me with great feedback and their study partner program paired with another fellow Ximedus student. We both practiced our cases for 1 month and proud to say PASSED the exam. In short, do NOT take this exam lightly. My only regret is not signing up for the 5 day course. She will prepare you to be better physician and not just to pass the CS. Thank you Dr. Rowley & the Ximedus staff.


Kristy King said:   August 12, 2015 3:40 pm PST
I am a US IMG, and I took the 5-day course at Ximedus. I did all of my rotations in the US, and after taking CS, I was so thankful that I had not underestimated this exam. Dr. Rowley’s techniques helped me determine how to perform a FOCUSED physical exam. It is one thing to know the system(s) you need to examine for a particular complaint, but that knowledge is not going to help you pass this exam because there is simply not enough time to do everything. On the exam, the cases are often vague, and there are multiple systems you will consider examining. If you don’t have a technique to quickly determine which parts of each system to examine, you will lose points FAST! Dr. Rowley’s techniques also help you keep your patient note focused, with appropriate support for your diagnoses. In addition, the special mnemonics Dr. Rowley and her staff have developed to quickly determine the possible diagnoses, as well as recall the most efficient physical exam sequence, were extremely helpful. Dr. Rowley knows the CS exam inside and out. After you leave the course, Dr. Rowley will stay in contact with you and offer you the guidance and tutoring you need to feel confident. When Dr. Rowley says, “you are ready”, you can be sure you are going to walk into that testing center and have a good day. I ended up with high performance in all three categories. I feel I have the clinical skills I need to succeed in residency. I couldn’t have achieved this without the knowledge and skills I acquired at Ximedus. Overall, ALL of the Ximedus staff are kind and compassionate people, who truly want you to succeed – not only on CS, but on your road to achieving a US residency. Many students underestimate this test and end up being ineligible for many residency programs that require a first time pass on CS. I am so glad I didn’t take that chance! Good luck!

Bruno said:   August 12, 2015 11:08 am PST
I'd like to let you know that I passed USMLE Step 2 CS. I took the 5 day course and it was a great experience, that helped to build my confidence. Dr Rowley is a nice person and an excellent CS instructor. Ximedus is 100% recommended. Take this test seriously, practice and follow their personalized recommendations. That's the best advice I'd give.

George T. said:   June 25, 2015 6:02 am PST
Just yesterday I received my results of Step 2 CS and I passed! My scores were way above borderline in every component. I am an IMG who took the five day Ximedus course and I would rate it a outstanding!!! Great and polite staff, friendly atmosphere, and all that in the nice town of Port Charlotte. The "soul" of the course, Dr. Rowley, is an amazing teacher who can read every student regarding their individual weaknesses and help them improve accordingly. Not only is she an intelligent doctor and teacher, but one of the kindest persons I 've ever met. She was always there for me and for any of my classmates who asked for her help. The course has boosted my performance and organized my thought process with their acronyms which is vital during an exam in which time management anxiety can make you forget simple things during history taking and loose easy points. They pay attention and help you improve even the tiniest details. They also teach the systems approached clinical examination perfectly! Apart from the exam their H & P approach have also certainly improved my skills in the everyday medical practice. From here I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to you Dr. Rowley and to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me... THANK YOU :-D

Sherina Shahbazian said:   March 17, 2015 8:37 pm PST
I did the course between my Emergency Medicine rotation. I did the 5 days and I highly recommend it especially if your are a foreign graduate. The staff is very nice and Dr. Rowley is kind and helps you with your exact weakness. I am sure I wouldn't have passed first time if it wasn't for Dr. Rowley's guidance and encouragement. I took the exam a month after the course due to my school schedule, but I was able to review every thing and get personalized tutoring on skype a week before my exam, which helped me with my weakness. I do use the orders and the techniques Dr. Rowley thought us every day with my patients. Ximedus not only prepares you for Clinical Skills exam, it prepares you to be one of the great physician. Thank you Dr. Rowley for the amazing experience and knowledge.

Matt said:   March 9, 2015 5:36 pm PST
I would recommend this workshop to everyone who is working on CS! You can learn every detail of the exam from this workshop! Dr. Rowley and all the staff are willing to provide everything possible to help the students! The help you can get is not just the days when you are in the workshop. It will last until the day before your exam! And, especially, you can get individualized education from Dr. Rowley. She is an excellent CS teacher! She knew our weakness and strength after the first day’s class, and then she helped us to improve. And, when we left the workshop, she will again talk to everyone individually to tell us what and how we should do before the exam. Dr. Rowley and your team, thanks so much!!

Hassan Moria said:   March 5, 2015 4:46 pm PST
being an Anesthesiology and Critical care Attending with being away from the basic structure and requirements of CS step two exam is definitely very difficult experience to pass the exam in ultrashort period of time prep( 10 days), I took the 5 days course which is recommended . Ximedus members are able and very confident to let you pass the exam. Hassan Moria,MD,SABanes Saudi Arabian Board Certified Anesthesiologist

SABRI E A said:   February 11, 2015 6:05 am PST
i am glad to tell that i passed my step2 cs exam. thanx t god first,then to the highly organised 3 days extensive course with dr rawly and her staff.personally i feel this is one of the best preparation course ;it focuses on the candidate weakness and really i changed .many concepts about the exam when i am done with it. dr rawly is also very keen person ,she do really care about your weaknesses and her advice was priceless. i'd like to thank you all and i strongly recommend this course,specially for IMGS.

Shinthu said:   January 19, 2015 1:23 pm PST
I would like to mention how i passed my Step 2 Cs on the first attempt thanks to Ximedus. Without doubt, i would highly recommend this program to any individuals preparing for their exam. I was enrolled in the 5 day program. I came in with very little knowledge of how to go on with the preparation but that 5 days changed it all. Dr. Rowley is definitely one of the best educator and a doctor I've come across. She put an extraordinary team together- There were so much that the SPs were willing to offer us to prepare us to be a better clinician. I especially loved how each day was segregated systematically to focus on the most important aspects of this exam. Patient history taking was a lot simplified to learn without having to memorize. We were taught to be great clinicians with appropriate bed-side manners. The best part of this program was how we were taught the essential manoeuvres needed for our physical exam. The feedbacks given to us by the SPs at the end of each encounter allowed us to focus on our weaknesses the most. There's a lot more to mention about this program but i would like to end it off by saying Ximedus will definitely leave you feeling prepared and confident! Thank you

Ioannis said:   December 25, 2014 10:14 am PST
You may have heard quotes, like If you speak English you are good with cs or Just remember to wash your hands and that is about it. Keeping a good result in mind sometimes simplifies things. Moreover, minimum performance required now has nothing to do with requirements in the past. Dr Rowley is devoted to guiding medical graduates through step 2 cs with unparalleled enthusiasm and exceptional professionalism. She has deep knowledge of all aspects of the exam and keeps herself up-to-date on both the formal changes and the ones concealed behind slight changes in phrasing of the cs booklet. She receives feedback from a large pool of examinees in all 5 centers throughout the year. Her prior interaction with them during the course and her formal training in medical education further enhance her ability to validate their impressions and to adjust the course content accordingly. So in a race-like exam with strong elements of subjectivity and unclear rules, taking an educated guess is much more efficient than simply taking a guess. In the workshop, training is individualized after an early assessment of each participant s competence. The schedule maintains a fine balance between class and practice time. Well-trained SPs will make sure the participants are exposed to a wide range of cases, most of them within the difficulty range of the actual exam, but some of them covering extreme cases that sometimes show up. All elements scored in the actual exam are covered in depth and feedback on performance is provided on multiple occasions. The comprehensive binder also provided is ideal for high-yield study. Each participant is re-evaluated later during the course and Dr Rowley suggests an individualized study and practice plan, including feedback on patient notes and practice via skype with experienced SPs, like Paul and Jo. The Ximedus team stayed next to me until the exam and fully addressed my needs. And my test result verified that Ximedus was an excellent choice.

Alex said:   December 16, 2014 1:24 pm PST
I have been exposed to some great teachers during my life and Dr. Rowley is easily in my top 2. I decided to take Dr. Rowley's 5 day course after failing my OSCE and finding the rising failures of AMG students. I did not want to fail CS so I consulted my advisor and was fortunately given Dr. Rowley's contact information. I did not know what to expect from the course initially. The grading criteria from the NBME for the exam seemed ambiguous and I really wanted clarification on exam expectations. Dr. Rowley made these expectations black and white and if you follow what she teaches - you will pass. I was surprised of the intensity and thoroughness of the 5 day course. Everything is covered from introduction to closing, patient note, and physical exam. One of my biggest problems I found was deciding which physical exam steps I needed to do in an allotted amount of time in addition to coming up with associated symptoms - both of which are incredibly important for ICE. Dr. Rowley has great test taking methods for both of these problems and gives you plenty of practice with SPs. She also stays in contact with you after the course until the test day and will continue to evaluate your online notes and provide Skype practice partners. I just received my score and PASSED on my first attempt. I am very doubtful that I would have passed if I did not have the methods and knowledge Dr. Rowley provided. I strongly suggest that if you have not taken the exam and are unsure of yourself, take the Ximedus 5 day course. It will give you confidence and peace of mind. She has a 99 percent pass rate and if you do what she asks - you will pass. I would like to cover other strengths of this program. Dr. Rowley is a truely inspiring, compassionate, and wonderful instructor who will personalize your experience. Not only did she prepare me for this exam, she prepared me to be a clinician. Her methods are not only useful during the patient encounter - but also at the bedside in your community.

Michael said:   December 13, 2014 1:02 pm PST
December 3rd, I received a passing score on Step 2 CS immediately after completing the Ximedus 5-day course. Heading into the Ximedus course, I didn't have a clear understanding of why I had been unsuccessful on this exam in the past. And, to say the least, this lack of understanding was not due to a lack of effort. My first interaction with Ximedus was an unexpected phone call that exemplified the professionalism, individualized attention, dedication and generosity with which the entire Ximedus team brought everyday to every aspect of the course. Dr Rowley is an outstanding medical educator as well as a kind and generous person truly dedicated to helping her students succeed. Her knowledge of the test as well as its evolution over time is unparalleled. Her record of success speaks for itself. And she has developed a program that I would recommend ahead of any other. Moreover, Dr Rowley has put together an excellent team at Ximedus. The SPs are outstanding both when simulating a patient encounter and when providing feedback on your history taking or physical exam. Most if not all of the SPs are trained actors who take seriously both their theatrical and educational roles. They are professionals, but also people who will 'go the extra mile for you' because they want to help you succeed. In sum, I would highly recommend Ximedus as an excellent way to prepare for the Step 2 CS exam. Thank you Ximedus for all your help.

John F said:   December 7, 2014 8:16 am PST
I passed on my first attempt! This is after having never typed a medical record note during my foreign medical school’s training. I spent five days with Ximedus in Florida, chose to practice more with them on Skype to polish my skills after returning home, and then passed. I took the five-day course because I needed to very quickly familiarize myself with the US approach and also because I needed a study plan. The categorical training covered everything needed to do well from door knock to how to craft and finally submit the written note. A particular strength is the day dedicated to patient encounters. The actors, exam room physical layout, computer stations, software, and loudspeaker announcements replicated the test environment with high fidelity. Lots of feedback helped me accurately assess where I was so I could adjust and then take the exam when truly ready. This is a good course if you: — feel weak in accurate and rapid patient history, exam, and diagnosis (even now in rotations I use what I learned from Ximedus in real patient encounters) — don’t know how to quickly type the kind of note the grader is looking for — feel lost about how to prepare for CS and want someone with the big-picture perspective to draw up a plan of attack — want to practice encounters under accurately replicated test conditions — want individualized feedback in a small group setting — want strategic advice such as which test center is advantageous to you given your particular strength-weakness profile and why — want to practice what you learned after the course is over with continued feedback (Skype with actors, help find another Ximedus student for Skype or in-person meetings, online notes) — feel uncomfortable with your English level (not an issue for me, but I saw colleagues being trained) The course worked me hard — but I had a wide gap to close very quickly. It got me to my first-attempt pass. I’m glad I did it.

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