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The Mission of  Ximedus is to prepare United States Medical Students and International Medical Graduates (IMG's) for the USMLE STEP 2 CS Examination.  We focus on Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Spoken English Proficiency, the Patient Note, Physical examination skills, and History-taking skills.

Our medical/teaching faculty have over 40 years of combined experience in medicine and medical education and our  pass rate exceeds 99%. No other program offers the formula for success by combining the following elements… usmle step 2 cs questions, usmle step 2 cs prep, and usmle step 2 cs review.

At Ximedus, we understand the needs and concerns of our students, and so we keep our class sizes small less than 10 students per workshop which gives individual attention to each student, maintain a safe and supportive learning environment. We assist our students with transportation (to and from lodging and the airport), which is complimentary. 

Ximedus, Inc. maintains a variety of workshops to address the specific needs of each student; we are currently offering 1-Day, 3-Day, and two 5-Day Workshops and a 1/2 Day Online Examination, each with a different emphasis.

We stress the following… USMLE Step 2 CS questions, USMLE Step 2 CS prep, and USMLE Step 2 CS review.

USMLE Step 2 CS Examination

assesses whether you can apply medical knowledge, skills, and understanding of clinical science essential for the provision of patient care under supervision and includes emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. Step 2  CS ensures that due attention is devoted to principles of clinical sciences and basic patient-centered skills that provide the foundation for the safe and competent practice of medicine.

Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS)

Step 2 CS
uses standardized patients, i.e., people trained to portray real patients. The cases cover common and important situations that a physician is likely to encounter in clinics, doctors’ offices, emergency departments, and hospital settings in the United States.

There are no other USMLE Step 2 CS workshops able to compete with our high level of individualized attention and the quality of our instruction.